Just like kayak.com but tracks price drops so you can buy when the price is reduced. Also, if you buy a ticket and the price drops after the purchase, the site will try to get you a reimbursement for the price difference that you paid


You could keep searching “the best burger in Houston” in Google, but eater.com makes it easy. Compiles lists and articles about food in many metropolises in the USA.


City guides written by locals of each city on the site. Mainly in Europe but has some North American cities too. You can find some hidden gems and hang with the locals instead of only discovering what’s in the guidebooks.


City guides to any city you can think of. It really isn’t limited like spottedbylocals.com to a few choice cities. I’ve checked out the cities I know really well and it has some choice spots that I would hit up as well. Probably the best thing about the website/app is that is all available offline!


I do all my initial research on a country or place I’m traveling to on this website. It provides current information about the country including visas and passports, language, business regulations, weather and geography as well as the typical touristy things to do. You can’t deep dive into local hidden gems but you will have a good idea of what you are getting yourself into.