1.     When I was born, my head was so cone shaped that the nurses called me “Conehead Klingenberg”

2.     Lavender macarons are my favorite flavor. Very subtle

3.     My ideal living arrangement would be living ½ the year in Pittsburgh and ½ the year in Chapel Hill. My two favorite places in the world

4.     If I won the lottery, I would buy a team in the NWSL and run it how I see fit. Hello private jets!

5.     My brother, Drew, is my favorite person…like ever

6.     If I wasn’t a soccer player, I would be an entrepreneur

7.     My mother never allowed me to have a pet, that’s why I have a cold, black heart

8.     Speaking of black: Black licorice (Good n Plenty) is my favorite candy

9.     My favorite emoji is a combo of the angel and the cow… holy cow

10. I read on average 1 book per week

11. My spirit animal is a koala bear, but I bet you didn’t know that they actually have no relation to bears

12. I’m fluent in two languages, English and Pittsburghese

13. I used to have superstitions but they took up too much of my time

14. I love to cook, especially on the grill. Watch out Bobby Flay!

15. My perfect coffeehouse order would be a macchiato with almond milk and a double chocolate, extra fudge, chocochip brownie…. With whipped cream

16. My greatest fear isn’t getting eaten by a shark, like most normal people. No, mine is a global pandemic. “The Walking Dead” is the scariest show on TV

17. My favorite Wikipedia article was the “Department of Defense,” during the World Cup

18. I hate board games… except, nope, I hate them

19. My favorite cheesy pick up line is… Are you a cat? Cause you are purrfect

20. Yoga and practicing mindful relaxation single handedly gets me through the stressors of life

21. I have confirmed that it does indeed take more than 3 licks to get to the center of a tootsie pop

22. I might start writing all my blog posts in lists only cause this was way easier than the others